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Male vs Female


I want a female dog because they are better dogs and they don't mark like males. Myth.
There are many reasons for choosing a particular sex in a puppy. If you want to raise puppies, well, that's easy...female! However, if you are considering a family dog or companion dog, that's a different story.
I actually prefer males. It's just my preference. I'm a person that LOVES to be loved by my dog. My males give me THAT more than my females. It's across the board true.

That isn't to say that my female dogs aren't loving, they are. However, they are more independent and a bit less needy of constant contact. My boys are glued to me. (Must be that expensive perfume, lol). I just like the contact. Also, males are a bit more laid back with changes in your emotions...they just seem to roll through things with good humor.  I like that. 

You don't go through the 'heat' issues with males either. However, all that being said, my Alpha female runs my pack and I couldn't do it without her. She is the matriarch of my pack. Sleeps late, thinks straight, and runs her pack like a general. I'd be lost without her. She outruns, outthinks and out-maneuvers all of my pack including the very compliant males that do her bidding.

But when it comes to cuddling, love and doing MY BIDDING, it's the males that want to please. Hands down. 
On marking: Yes, males will mark their territory but so will females. This is a training issue. I have two intact males that don't mark in the house. They KNOW I will threaten them will a flyswatter if they do. Act Accordingly and all will be well.


A proud owner of five poodles from K9 Wonderland

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