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Welcome to K9 Wonderland, the home of  our very special babies.  I'm Debbie Morgan; I started breeding dogs 20 years ago simply because I love them.  I've always had one or two dogs that I carried with me wherever I went. That love of  dogs has never left me.  Over the years, I've been involved with rescue, show dogs, national organizations and local groups, extensive ongoing education from Vets and other professionals, all in an effort to foster the humane and exceptional care of our canine friends.  During the last 20 years, I have refined my pedigrees, the physical attributes of my dogs and the personality traits I seek in a great dog.  It is a combination of qualities that make a great companion dog.  However, most importantly, it is the love we extend to them that calms their fears, gives them confidence and results in a happy, healthy dog.  The very best reason to consider a puppy from K9 Wonderland is simple...besides our 10 year guarantee, my beautiful and healthy puppies come to you knowing what it is to be loved.  I feel blessed in this life; dogs love me and I love return, I can pass that on to you!



I am absolutely in love with this baby!  Debbie has been so helpful every step of the way. Great Breeder, beautiful dogs!

Vallari - McKinney, Texas


I  love him more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for breeding such a great pet!

Paul - Pennsyvania

Sophie - Standard Poodle

I didn't know how great life could be with a Standard Poodle! Thank you for the most perfect "Princess Warrior" . 

Lisa - Texas

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